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Faced with increased energy needs in developing countries with an high-growth. ACP ENERGY is accelerating its transformation to drive the energy transition of these countries in the face of the profound transformation of the global energy sector. Our company relies on renewable energies, energy efficiency and the valorization of local resources.

Our energy strategy: the four structural trendst

The question of the energy strategy of African countries has become a necessity in the face of the strong and growing energy demand. The urgency of reducing the environmental impact is reflected in the need to put into action a more decentralized, efficient and less polluting energy systems.

Decentralization of the supply: For the populations in rural area it is urgent to find the means of action to face the energy demand.

  • Challenge No.1: Enabling Consumers to Become Small Independent Energy Producers: Declining City Consumption to Serve Outlying Cities and Rural Areas
  • Challenge No.2:The reduction of fossil energy reserves used for isolated power plants, allows us to rethink: the old techno-economic models on power plants, the use of innovative and efficient technologies

Building energy efficiency: Cities and territories are becoming energy efficient.

  • Challenge No.1: Do more with less: more comfort by consuming less energy and valuing the surplus in the form of positive energy (the choice of adapted equipment).
  • Challenge No.2:Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the use of efficient technologies.
  • Challenge No.3:Increase the share of renewable energies in mixed energy production using the solar, wind and biogas sectors..

Strategic directions for the energy transition

In order to meet the challenges of the energy transition, ACP ENERGY adopts an energy strategy that aims to align its activities with the ambitious environmental, socio-economic and societal challenges of African countries. The objectives for 2020:

  • Energy Access and A satisfaction rate of 90% of its customers;
  • A 25% renewable energy in the company’s production portfolio;
  • A reduction of 20% of the CO2 emission ratio on the projects that will be developed;
  • An extension of our activities on the African continent.


Present in five countries via its subsidiaries and partners: ACP ENERGY ZM (Energy Consultancy, Project Design and Implementation), ACP ENERGY DB (Energy Efficiency Services for Individuals and Industries) and ACP ENERGY CM (Consulting, Research and Projects, energy), MCC (office of study and realization of the projects of energy and Construction), Solar MENA (Studies and Control of the solar infrastructures), SEED (electrical installations, efficiency building).

ACP ENERGY aims to expand its presence throughout Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific zones, in particular North and West Africa  and South America with a target to enter countries such as Madagascar, Nigeria, Brazil and Congo DRC.

To achieve this, we intend to rely on the cultural and technical diversity of our team, the quality of our energy supply and energy services offerings, which take into account the performance of innovative technologies and the social purchasing power of our customers and targeted populations.

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