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We provide thermal electricity

For the production of electricity by conventional thermal power plants, ACP ENERGY through its network allows to implement a fruitful exchange between the independent power producers (IPPs) and the governmental agencies of regulation of the energy sector for financing of national projects.
ACP ENERGY, through its openness to the continent and its expertise in the quality of thermal installations, presents the assets of a major collaborator on the issues that have to do with the choice, the quality or the counter-expertise of thermal power stations.
ACP ENERGY opts for less and less carbon-based energy sources, such as natural gas and renewable energies. For us, it’s more than just a transition. Studies and works related to the activities of installation or acquisition of thermal power plants are of paramount importance for us. As a result, we offer our expertise free of charge to government departments according to the terms and conditions of work that will be developed by mutual agreement.

Valorization of steel gases: electricity production can also be obtained by recovering and recovering steel gases (blast furnace gas, cockroach gas or steelworks gas), in a conventional boiler (technology comparable to power plants Conventional thermal systems) or in a recovery boiler of a combined cycle gas plant.

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