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ACP ENERGY develops, studies, implements and operates solutions that enable its customers to better utilize energy and reduce their environmental impact. We want to develop our activities in the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) regions by drawing on the expertise of our local partners and by pursuing a strategy that responds directly to the needs of our countries.

We give provide training and consultancy

ACP Energy is a energy engineering, training and consultancy company specializing in energy sector and environmental consultancy (feasibility studies, system design & audit), face-to-face renewable trainings and training materials & handbooks. We are specialized in installation and quality control (Auditing/inspection) of power plants (Solar PV/Thermal, Biomass, Natural Gas, and Geothermal), Building Efficiency Solutions, Project Management, and Energy and Environmental Research/Solutions. In order to provide effective and high quality solutions, we work with recognized partner companies and research institutions. We are kin in providing energy and environmental solutions to our clients.
ACP Energy provides services to wide variety of client from individuals to governments. Our key organization sectors include:

ACP Energy provides services to wide variety of client from individuals to governments. Our key organization sectors include:


Individuals, Communities, Cooperatives and Municipalities

Independent Power Producers (IPP),

Agriculture Sectors, Medical, Tourism Hotels and Educations Facilities.

Financial institutions (lenders)

Manufacturer, Developers and Commercialization.

Our Main Services Includes:

Buildings Efficiency Solutions (Institutional and Residential).

  • Developping, implementing and assessing plans for optimizing energy use and reducing greenhouse gas emissionsin in order to acheive high efficiency performance.
  • Identify potential energy savings and greenhouse gas reduction projects/strategies, and evaluation such projects /strategies in terms of feasability and satisfaction of designated criteria including financial criteria (eg. Net present value, Return investment and internal rate of return).
  • Providing solutions that stimulate change in individual, institutional and corporate behaviors to create more sustanaible environment.
  • Performing energy evaluation and verfication analysis, energy accounting and life cycle costing to ensure opertional goals and objectives which are being met and providing energy solutions.
  • Providing solutions such as programs and strategies to change behavior for communities resulting in less energy use.

Power Plants Solutions (Commercial and Individual).

  • Conducting economic analysis to determine cost effectiveness of individual technologies and services.
  • Providing external consultants by etablishing expectations, reveiwing progress and summarizing results for clients.
  • Providing technical assistance.
  • Providing engineering guidance throughout construction and project commissioning and operators.
  • Analysing and preparing conceptual and detailed engineering design cost estimates, drawings and specifications for energy efficient buıiding technology and system measures.
  • Providing assistance with technical analysis for energy conservation and infrastructure upgrade projects.
  • Performing offer duties as required.
  • Providing budget guidance for assigned equipment and energy system.
  • Modeling a complex power generation process and determined how that process can be made more efficient and /or effective.
  • Configuring hybrid system and analyze the improvement.
  • Pre-commissioning testing and Installation Auditing/Inspection According to Standard.
  • Design Auditing and Optimization According to standards for Optimal System Performance .
  • Project Management during Construction and Installation of Power Plant for Value of Client’s Money.
  • Onsite PV Production and Quality Control/inspection for Optimal System Performance (PV Module Production Inspection).
  • Power System Performance Assessments and Studies (PV, Wind, Biomass Power Plants).
  • Site Assessment or Preliminary Site Survey and Study (Bankable Feasibility Studies; Wind, PV, Biomass, and Hydropower Plants).
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (Wind, PV, Biomass, and Hydropower Plants).
  • PV Power Plant Equipment Testing.
  • Power Grid Evolution Studies.

Water Supply Solutions (Individual, Commercial, and Agriculture).

  • Providing assistance to local technical to undertake solar data analysis, site assessment, design, installations, operation and maintenance of solar pump system for needed capacity.
  • Providing assistance to the local technical to develop proposals to attract private financing.
  • Determining appropriate sizes, ratings and locations for all system over current devices , disconnect devices, grounding equipment and surge suppression equipment.
  • Selecting solar products of pumping system in order to optimize life cycle.
  • Identifying methods to laying out, orienting and mounting modules or array to ensure effective and efficient installation, electrical configuration and operation or system maintenance.
  • Determining construction project layouts.
  • Testing green technologies installation to verify performance.
  • Commissioning of systems which involves demonstrating system functionnalities and performance , including start up, shut down, norrnal operation and emergency or by pass operations.

Our main services in the energy sector

  • The provision of maintenance services
  • Energy management
  • Facility management (technical maintenance, energy, safety, waste management and landscaping services, waste recovery)
  • Facilitating contact with IPPs and EPCs according to your needs in the public or private sector.
  • Energy efficiency optimization ‘energy efficiency’
  • Training courses on the energy performance of buildings dedicated to schools, businesses and cities
  • Sensitization of local elite on decision making on project implementation.
  • Advice to investors in the private and public sectors.
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