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Facility Management
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We offer Facility Management Services

ACP ENERGY wants to be a major player in the development and deployment of energy services, which is why we offer our customers soft and hard Facility Management (FM) solutions around the world. The objective of this transfer of technology to the countries of the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific zone is to make easy access to sustainable and efficient tools to enable them to control their consumption, to live a real energy autonomy in an environment safe and comfortable while staying connected to the national grid.
Our international Facility Management services offer consists of comprehensive solutions tailored to a wide range of clients and sectors at the local, national and international levels.

Our mastery of technical building management (BMS) and our experience of production according to sound procedures and respecting GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards guarantee a safe, efficient and comfortable environment, without losing production time.

ACP ENERGY Facility Management Presentation

FM Hard

• Building maintenance
• Infrastructure maintenance
• Central
• Maintenance work
• Repairs


• Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
• Inspections
• Civil works
• Projects

FM Soft

•Digital Assistance
•Facilitation services

Working with ACP ENERGY, you are opting for an Africa that wins against the climate change and energy deficit that the countries of the ACP zone are going through.

Implementation: Commitment begins about 3 to 4 months before the effective date, to ensure a full implementation where all operational tools are accessible and usable from the first day.

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