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House with positive energy

The energy performance of buildings aims to combine energy efficiency and renewable energies, while promoting solidarity and territorial autonomy. Now, there are positive energy houses: they consume less energy than they produce. A good way for consumers to invest in a more sustainable energy model.

Heating, domestic hot water, kitchen, appliances, light … In a home, the ways to consume energy are many! Conversely, the ways of producing it by oneself are smaller … Today, the most frequent self-production models are photovoltaic, and to a lesser extent, autonomous wind turbines, which are often used to supplement the energy provided by the network. However, the house with positive energy succeeds in a major challenge: consume less energy annually than it produces!

Smart Grids are the most powerful computing medium for managing and optimizing production flows and energy storage locations (centralized and decentralized). Thanks to them, it will soon be possible to mitigate a breakdown at a given time and place by relying on local energy production units (biomass, wind, micro-cogeneration, etc.) and the energy that will have been stored.

The connected home: towards a safer, more comfortable habitat, more savings

The connected home combines extreme comfort, significant energy savings and increased security. This type of house that adjusts the temperature to the presence of its inhabitants, a house that lights up in your footsteps, and goes out after your passage, a house can protect itself and protect you.

What is the smart home?

The term “smart home” refers to the centralized automation of the equipment of a house allowing occupants to monitor, control, locally or remotely, the operation of these devices, and thus intelligently manage their energy consumption.

Residential production of renewable energy in self-consumption

To benefit from a cleaner, cheaper and continuous energy, individuals can choose to install solar panels on their roofs or to be connected to the local solar production network. Residents can better manage their consumption with a storage solution.

The connected home: towards a safer, more comfortable habitat, more savings

ACP ENERGY supports the idea of promoting “smart home” for a more sustainable and intelligent habitat. In addition to controlling energy consumption, it produces and stores its own renewable energy, even allowing you to sell it. With the comfort brought by the programming of the household appliances, it associates the maintenance of this equipment. It ensures your comfort, but also your health, offering many facilities for home maintenance and control of the health of fragile people. Finally, thanks to its smoke detectors or access locking systems, it can protect itself against intrusions or fires. So many smart solutions that make every day, the home safer, more comfortable, more autonomous and more economical!

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