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Decentralized energy production

The energy transition of the countries of the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific zone invites us to rethink our models of energy production. It is in this sense that ACP ENERGY is part of the program of these countries by proposing studies of feasibility and realization to allow the production of decentralized energy, local and renewable.

Microgrids for the electrification of rural areas

Thanks to the microgrids, solutions can be implemented for the electrification of remote villages using photovoltaic solar installations, storage batteries and generators.
But these smart micro-grids can also be a powerful energy alternative for industrial sites or residential self-consumption.

Energy self-sufficiency for businesses and residents

Microgrids can allow large industrial or commercial complexes to be self-sufficient in energy, both electrical and thermal. The added value for the customer, is the lower prices, the reliability of the energy supply, and the ecological character of the installation.

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What is decentralized production?

Decentralized production runs counter to the classical model, where a large power plant supplies power to an entire territory. It consists of a very large number of small units, connected to the electricity grid, to produce renewable and local energy. Such a mode of production is more respectful of the environment and local energy needs, because based on renewable energies.

What solutions to develop decentralized production?

ACP ENERGY is setting up study projects to reduce the cost of energy storage and electricity erasure to overcome the intermittency of decentralized generation:
Energy and electrical erasure is for a customer to reduce his consumption during peak hours, in exchange for a counterpart.
Storage conserves accumulated renewable energy to ensure consistent energy supply.

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