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We provide Biomass Power plant energy

Although wood is the oldest biomass resource used for energy supply, it is far from the only solid and woody biomass that can be converted into energy. ACP ENERGY, through its expertise on the valorization of available resources offers other materials such as agricultural crop residues and waste from the consumption of products (bio-waste, sewage sludge, straw, etc.).
The primary biomass energy carriers include the following as listed below.

  • Organic Residues, by-products, wastes such as biogas, sewage sludge gas, landfill gas
  • Bio fuels
  • Biogenous solid fuels such as firewood, forest residual wood
  • Industrial residual wood
  • Matured forest without recovered paper
  • Other wood-like biomass
  • Straw

Waste into energy

ACP ENERGY leads many original projects in R&D for the valorization of local resources other than wood.
Waste or “plant biomass” offers a major asset: a carbon neutral balance. Indeed, the combustion of plant debris releases a quantity of CO2 equivalent to that which was absorbed during the photosynthesis. To achieve this, two processes are used: direct combustion and gasification.

TEP Energies case study – ‘Bois des singes’ site

TEP Energies s.a has chosen ACP ENERGY to provide Technical Facility Management services on a 2 km² of “Bois des singes” in Douala (Cameroon).
ACP ENERGY coordinated and carried out the feasibility studies for the methane production project. The second phase of the project is underway with the authorities of the urban commune of Douala Ve. The company provides technical management of project facilities in the city of Douala. It provides energy solutions by maintaining compliance with asset guarantees, legislation, regulations and codes of practice in force and applicable in the country concerned.
Contractual issues

Terrestrial geothermal

In a context of scarcity and soaring prices of fossil fuels, the development of geothermal power plant offers promising prospects for controlling energy costs in the medium and long term. This technology remains little used in the countries of the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific zone although it is defined as a renewable energy with a place in the energy mix and respectful of the environment, combining energy and economic performance.


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