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Sora Enerji


SORA ENERGY LTD. was established in 2014 to operate in solar energy sector in Malatya province. The company provide the professional development of the project processes, the transparent and healthy relations between the investors and financial institutions to carry out energy projects. The company main services includes; general consultancy, EPC, land survey and projects management and development for roof and ground both off-grid and grid connected system applications that leverages the power of every day.The company has completed numerous projects in the field of consultancy, EPC, project development, construction application and system installation in the solar energy sector in Turkey. It has vast experience in technical and project management, project planning, feasibility study, survey, consultancy and application fields. Based on renewable energy sources; the company has realized hundreds of projects in the fields of solar, wind and biomass engineering, design and finance.The company provides the customers with access to the most convenient and reliable materials in the material supply chain.



GenPark produces solutions for sales, service and spare parts for the needs in Turkey and abroad with its own products. At the same time, the company has a experience in the Generator Manufacturing industry sales, service and spare parts services to customers. With its mobile generator and rental generator fleet, Genpark has managed to become a leader in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions.

Mimas Elektrik


MİMAS ELECTRİCAL ENGİNEERİNG LTD. is a company organized and existing under the laws of the Republic of Turkey . It was established in 2000 to operate in electrical sector in Turkey. it is contracting company that provide services for all sizes of electrical projects (planning, design, construction, and project management), grounding services related to measurements, project design and construction including experts solution for renewable energy systems. The company takes pride in providing its valued customers with quality and solution oriented works.

MCC Contracting and Consultancy

MCC Contracting and Consultancy was founded in 2011 as a mechanical contracting, consultancy and project management company to develop plans for tomorrow and realize those plans with excellence. The head office of the company is at Çankaya, Ankara MCC has an experience in excess of 40 years and acts with the motto “Engineering First, Business Next”. MCC is one of the leading contracting and project management firms in Turkey with its highly skilled management team. MCC’s management team has so far taken primary roles in contracts including design and engineering, procurement, construction and testing and commissioning of numerous projects. These projects include industrial plants like refineries and petrochemical plants, thermal and renewable power plants and commercial buildings like office buildings both at home and abroad. MCC is capable of realizing projects at both national and international scales with its professional project teams acquired to fit the unique needs of the project in concern, specialized business partners, detailed processes, comprehensive reporting tools, thorough control systems and accurate planning.

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