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Date : 21 March, 2017
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Access to energy for all

As part of our activities in the energy sector, ACP ENERGY wishes to contribute to access to sustainable energy for all and help reduce energy shortages. Based on experiments conducted over several years in various African and Pacific countries, our company is committed to developing innovative models to support our partners’ projects to access energy for all by vulnerable populations.

ACP ENERGY supports the fight against energy poverty and access to sustainable energy for all, which is fully in line with the environmental and societal responsibility policy of developing countries.

Environemental and social engagement

Access to energy is in the heart of the fight against poverty and for the socio-economic development of developing countries.
Energy access and services have a profound effect on health, education, climate change, food security and water supply. For this reason, the lack of access to clean, affordable and reliable energy hampers human, social and economic development, and is a major obstacle to achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

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