About Our Compagny

Innovative company in the energy sector from Africa to the Pacific

ACP ENERGY Co. Ltd. is located in Doula, Cameroon. The specialization areas of the company are Environmental and Energy Consultancy Services, including   Power Plant Design and Auditing, Project Evaluation and Management, and offering Seminars and Trainings in Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar and Biomass). Furthermore, our company is able to provide technical support, equipment testing, and technical consultant as an O&M service provider and also providing services to foreign companies to enter African Market. The principal object of our company is to provide Environmental and Energy Solution Services to all sectors public and private at International and Local Levels.

Our Mision

We are passionate about sustainable deployment and utilization of renewable energy resources and technologies.
Our main goals are:

  • Goal No.1: To promote utilization of clean energy in Africa for electricity generation and water distribution.
  • Goal No.2:To develop international cooperation and partnership between NGO’s, cooperatives, communities, municipalities and companies with other countries around the world.
  • Goal No.3:To promote foreign investment and advertise energy sectors in African countries within African and other countries. This is in order to promote favorable conditions for foreign investors in African countries.

Our project managers, engineers and our board are entirely committed to deliver a top-notch service to our customers which surpass their expectations. As we know, the African’s third world countries are willing to invest greatly in green energy solution so our mission is to commit and share our know-how with particulars and other actors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to a green Africa, by providing our first-class services everywhere we pass. Our dream is to be among the African’s energy leaders in the field of engineering, consultancy and installation by serving our valuable customers with optimum engineering solutions.

About Our Services

ACP ENERGY develops, studies, implements and operates solutions that enable its customers to better utilize energy and reduce their environmental impact. We want to develop our activities in the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) regions by drawing on the expertise of our local partners and by pursuing a strategy that responds directly to the needs of our countries.

Our Services

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