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ACP ENERGY is a company operating in the energy sector and is mainly involved in: electricity supply services, energy efficiency in buildings and the development of natural gas and renewable energy plants. ACP ENERGY is committed to the responsible growth of its activities to meet the major challenges of the energy transition through: access to sustainable energy for all, adaptation to climate change, optimization of production facilities and rational use of available resources.

In a context of energy transition towards a thriving and low carbon economy, ACP ENERGY wants to help its private and public customers to understand and manage the complexities related to energy management. The goal is to reduce their costs, their consumption and improve the quality of the environment.

We are innovative company in the energy sector from Africa to the Pacific

ACP ENERGY oversees energy production and engineering services studies and projects to support and develop a new energy vision for countries in the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific region: energy access for all in sustainable way.
The company is present throughout the energy value chain: from non-polluting production and the supply of energy performance solutions to the control of the facilities of its customers.

We provide environmental and ecologic energy

ACP ENERGY develops, studies, implements and operates solutions that enable its customers to better utilize energy and reduce their environmental impact. We want to develop our activities in the Africa-Caribbean-Pacific (ACP) regions by drawing on the expertise of our local partners and by pursuing a strategy that responds directly to the needs of our countries.



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ACP ENERGY is committed to meeting the energy challenges of the next decades by: the production of clean energy with support of nature environment sustainable and access to energy for all are part of the commitments of our society.

Our Mision Access to energy for all

As part of our activities in the energy sector, ACP ENERGY wishes to contribute to access to sustainable energy for all and help reduce energy shortages. Based on experiments conducted over several years in various African and Pacific countries, our company is committed to developing innovative models to support our partners’ projects to access energy for all by vulnerable populations.
ACP ENERGY supports the fight against energy poverty and access to sustainable energy for all, which is fully in line with the environmental and societal responsibility policy of developing countries.

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M.Sc. Eng. Mabvuto MWANZA

Executive board member

Dr. Alain C BIBOUM

General Manager